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Christian Guerrero is a cheesy semi-professional. He’s a creative joker, with a 50/50 percent chance of making you laugh. He also works with nonprofits, small businesses, and community organizations.

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The Filipino Garage


The Filipino Garage is a podcast that shares Filipino American culture, creativity, and community for the wider world.

A Wealth of Community Wisdom


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We Believe in Our Community’s Cultural Capital

Filipinos & their stories should be told

I launched this podcast to highlight more of the art, creativity, and wisdom of the community leaders I’m surrounded with in the Filipino American community. Growing up, I never saw positive Filipino role models in media. I never saw our stories being told or celebrated. As a young immigrant, that was tough. This is my attempt at contributing.

This podcast is a celebration of our diversity, strength, and community wealth. It is a collection of conversations, sharings, reflections, and stories of our people, told by our own community. Take a listen.

Christian Guerrero , The Filipino Garage Podcast

Community Dialogue

This whole conversation—all the ones you’ve had with other guests—are examples for younger generations to listen to . To have a male Filipino and a female Filipino having a conversation like this is really significant.

Kim Davalos, Artist & Educator

Advice for Younger Selves

“To my younger self, I would tell her that it’s ok to be quieter. You shouldn’t feel ashamed for being that way because that perspective and experiences you go through as someone who is a quieter person is going to be incredibly valuable when you’re older. To be able to empathize with other perspectives and other experiences.”

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43 – Stephanie Balon / Mental Health Therapist, Social Enterprise Center, FMHI-SMC

By |January 21st, 2021|Categories: Podcast|

Stephanie Garma Balón, MA, AMFT (she/her) is a second-gen, Pinay-American, & proud Mama—born/raised on occupied land of the Ramaytush Ohlone people, AKA: Daly City/San Francisco, and of Ilokano & Visayan decent. As an Expressive Arts Therapist at StarVista in North San Mateo County (SMC) providing individual and group therapy to youth, parents, and families, Steph leans on her belief in the transformative healing power of the arts. This inspires her to intentionally integrate ritual, visual art, writing, and poetry in her professional and personal practice, especially as it relates to her continuous decolonial healing journey. Steph’s work is rooted in trauma-informed care, narrative & relational-cultural therapeutic approaches. She has over 20 years of experience in the non-profit sector and has an extensive community mental health advocacy background addressing health inequities amongst underserved populations, namely within the Filipinx community. She is a co-chair of the Filipino Mental Health Initiative of SMC, which was awarded a 2.6M grant by the State of California to launch a Social Enterprise Cultural Center for the Filipino American demographic in Daly City.

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