Richard “Ro3lay” Olayvar is a Filipino American rapper and artist born and raised in San Francisco. He recently dropped “Native Immigrant,” a collaborative album with Mister REY that explores the duality of his experience as a Filipino American. In this episode, we dive deep into his album, talking about the motivations and meanings behind each track. He talks about the struggles of an artist in “Simula,” the effect of savory but unhealthy Filipino foods in “Kawali,” the intersectional experience of being a Filipino American in “Native Immigrant,” the changing state of San Francisco in “Playaz,” and a bunch more. Take a listen and soak up some reflections about poetry, rap, music, and hip hop. Ro3lay also shares about his family’s history, specifically his mother, who also writes poetry and raised him in a very creative household. Overall, Ro3lay is a seasoned artist and performer. He has a few more upcoming projects to keep an eye out for, so listen and get connected!

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