Kevin Bradley Paule is a Pilipinx community organizer, political activist, and storyteller who’s currently in the Media Studies program at UC Berkeley. He is this year’s Recruitment Director for Pilipinx Academic Student Services (PASS) and we was last year’s Co-Producer for UC Berkeley’s Pilipino Cultural Night—Umaalab. In this episode, Kevin talks about his experience growing up in Southern California and his transition into UC Berkeley as a first-generation Filipino college student. He explores the intersection between identifying as queer and Filipino—both the struggles and the support he’s received—closing with how he’s been able to find a sense of self and stability.

We also explore different aspects about the Pilipinx community at UC Berkeley. Kevin shares his journey as a Senior Weekend attendee and the full-circle back into coordinating that program during his senior year. We talk about the challenges of on-campus organizing and the current topic of org-centrism among student groups. We brainstorm different ways of addressing this issue in hopes of building a stronger and more cohesive Pil community at Cal.

Come listen and let us know your thoughts!

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