Good Vibes is a lifestyle.

The core mission of GoodVibesNation is to build everyone up. Educate, encourage, lead, and inspire – through art and example.

GVN represents  a way of life based on the core principles of love, strength, and action.

These values are the requirements for every individual to follow. Every project, endeavor, and action that GVN takes must be in service of the greater good.


Love in all it’s forms must be the driving purpose behind every action. Love for self, others, and humanity, gives a clear direction for projects and goals. Moving from a place of care and understanding will ensure that all actions will benefit everyone involved.

Authenticity will provide clarity and understanding. An Inner Look followed by External Expression is the key to manifesting a good life. It is important to first cultivate an honesty with one’s self in order to understand one’s personal desires, problems, and wishes. Communication with the outer world is then made with a deeper understanding of personal motivations and drives. This leads to a greater amount of positive interactions, and minimal problems.

Respect for others, and more importantly, respect for one’s self, is supremely important. One must be secure and develop a personal point of view on life, while still giving room for others to fully express themselves. Arrogance leaves no place for growth. Being humble and understanding leads to clarity and wisdom. Live to the fullest of your individual expression – and let live. Every person is equal in being.

Good comes to those who do good, not necessarily as a reward, but simply as a universal law of life. Things seek balance. This does not mean that doing good will prevent all bad. Things may not always be perfect – there are ups and downs – but during the highs, give back to those in the lows. Be of service to others when capable, as this is good for the heart and soul. 



To do good, one must be fully capable of taking action. This requires a solid base to move from – a strong foundation. Every aspect of the human condition must be taken care of and managed – thus achieving a holistic sense of strength. Balance must be achieved between all areas of humanity – the mind, body, and spirit.

Knowledge is power. Develop a deep thirst to attain an understanding and awareness of life. This will lead to the development of a powerful and rational mind, capable of making informed and just decisions. Always pursue a personal form of education and be aware that learning is a lifelong process. A strong mind is the beginning of manifesting desires.

Power, flexibility, and agility – these are the fundamental in building a capable and balanced human body. Be aware of what you feed it, how you manage it, and how it feels. This physical form is fleeting and temporary – use it effectively and efficiently while it lasts. The body is a direct representation of the spirit that drives it.

Be fully aware of who you are. Take time to dive into the feelings and emotions that drive personal desires. Respect the inner voice that guides intuition. Be who you are, be respectful, and live to your Personal Legend. Develop values, rules, and standards to live by – then defend them with honor.

Humility must not be confused with conformity. Do not accept any behavior that disrespects your personal beliefs.



Improvements are only possible through action. What use is wishing and talking about moving forward, if not a single step is taken? The most important step is action. Manifest visions and desires by taking the initiative to actually move towards them.

To move with efficiency, a clear direction must be achieved. This requires an honest assessment of what is desired, followed by a quality plan to get there. It’s difficult to move forward if energies and work are being pulled apart in different directions. Keep the supreme vision in mind, then focus on each and every step to get there.

Play the long game. A burst of energy is powerful, but winning in the long run requires persistency. The daily battle to win is against procrastination and distraction. Work hard to maintain a consistent sense of improvement and progression. The benefits of a small positive change is multiplied by the effects of time – move in a steady direction with clarity and consistency.

Work hard to bring about the best possible outcome in every situation by paying attention to the details and using every resource available. This will lead to the greatest amount of  benefits in the least amount of time. Quality action is efficient and beneficial to the greater good.