LESSON: Becoming a confident man requires first and foremost an honesty with oneself.

models cover


There are a lot of books out there about attraction and relationships, and it sometimes gets confusing and overwhelming when considering which one to read and follow.

My personal recommendation is Mark Manson’s Models which sets the three following fundamentals as the basis for good relationships with women:

1. Honest Living
2. Honest Action
3. Honest Communication

Looks pretty straightforward. He dives into what each one specifically means in his book, and I highly recommend y’all to check it out.

Simply put, you’ve got to know yourself first and foremost before trying to build a relationship with someone else. That’s the foundation from which you can build a healthy and meaningful partnership – one that makes you happy.

What I’ve done is to compile an outline / study guide for a better review of the concepts. Check it out below (the picture links to it):


models outline


Support Mark by purchasing his book on Amazon and checking him out at http://markmanson.net/