Project Details



In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, I worked with FMHI-SMC to release a community response page, needs assessment, and community calendar. I organized the info onto digital platforms, collating information from various community organizations.

Problem: Due to the shelter-in-place and the quick onset of COVID-19, community centers had to close and resources were scattered—those in need were socially isolated.

Intervention: To support the local community, a regionally-specific response was enacted in order to provide an organized list of resources.

This resource page was built on Notion and publicly-accessible through a shortened link ( and disseminated through social media platforms and printed fliers. The page includes Filipino-owned businesses to support, food & grocery programs, links to other vetted resource-pages, and any other relevant community response.

In order to efficiently serve the community, we assessed the specific needs & impact of COVID-19 and the shelter-in-place mandate. With this intake form, we served as resource-brokers. For example, connecting a family diagnosed with COVID-19 to free grocery delivery services.

In response to the shelter-in-place mandate, multiple organizations started hosting free online classes and wellness sessions. The problem is that the information was spread across different websites and social media platforms. I created a collated calendar in order to centralize access and information.

Graphic Design & Marketing

To spread the information and resources, I created sharable graphics using Canva. This was shared with partner organizations in the region.