Project Details

Skills Needed:



I led a media project that highlighted the experiences of Filipino transfer Students at UC Berkeley. Because transfer students are only on-campus for an average 2-3 years, they lack resources and knowledge to competitively engage with their traditional 4-year-admission peers. This leads to increased imposter syndrome and a lack of engagement with on-campus resources. I developed this Transfer Talks project to start a library of knowledge for future Filipino transfer students.

Problem: Lack of representation and familiarity of Filipino transfer students at UC Berkeley, leading to increased levels of imposter syndrome.

Solution: Create a video series highlighting the experiences of Filipino transfer students—their struggles, successes, and advice for future transfer students.

Questions Answered:

  • What was a struggle during your first semester transferring into Cal? How did you manage?
  • Where and how did you find a sense of belonging at Cal? Where have you found community?
  • Why is the transfer experience important? What is unique about it?
  • What is your favorite Cal memory thus far?
  • What is your advice to future transfers?