Kuya Impact – Community Packaged Goods


Framework Kuya Impact is a social enterprise that transfers profits back up the supply chain, specifically to the small-scale workers and producers of the product. Additionally, a percentage of net profits are shared with vetted advocacy organizations in the Philippines. The focus of Kuya Impact is to bring packaged goods from the Philippines to the [...]

Urban Youth Expressions x Rays Up x SSFHS


In collaboration with Joseph Magsaysay, we launched an afterschool creative arts program at South San Francisco High School. We reached out to Ethnic Studies teacher Aristel de la Cruz and implemented a program to engage youth and encourage creative writing and artistic expression. Over the course of two years, we met with students on a [...]

International Solidarity Mission Trip x Laya Youth


In 2017, I organized a mission trip to the Philippines for Laya, a grassroots community organization based in Daly City, CA. I led the planning, fundraising, and communication with partner groups in the Philippines. The focus of the trip revolved around education and international solidarity. We partnered with People’s Solidarity & Education Tours (PSET) [...]

Morenx Monday @ UC Berkeley


Through the 2018-2019 school year, I organized weekly community wellness sessions at UC Berkeley. The project was called Morenx Mondays. Inspired by Asia Jacksons #MagandangMorenx, this project was created to support Filipino/Filipinx students and celebrate our melanin. With the low representation on campus, and the pervasiveness of colorism in the Filipino community, it was important [...]

COVID-19 Community Resource & Calendar x FMHI-SMC


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, I worked with FMHI-SMC to release a community response page, needs assessment, and community calendar. I organized the info onto digital platforms, collating information from various community organizations. Problem: Due to the shelter-in-place and the quick onset of COVID-19, community centers had to close and resources were scattered—those [...]

Mahalola Album


Mahalola is a fully independent music album released in November 2019. While I wrote the songs and produced some of the instrumentals, I also worked with other creatives and musicians to complete the album. I took the lead in creative direction and audio engineering, while facilitating collaboration with other musicians, graphic designers, and photographers. [...]

Transfer Talks x PASS


I led a media project that highlighted the experiences of Filipino transfer Students at UC Berkeley. Because transfer students are only on-campus for an average 2-3 years, they lack resources and knowledge to competitively engage with their traditional 4-year-admission peers. This leads to increased imposter syndrome and a lack of engagement with on-campus resources. [...]